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South Carolina Movers - the Cream of the South!

Want to get the best of southern hospitality! We provide reviews of the top South Carolina Movers, and also grant you extra bonuses and offers we receive from South Carolina moving companies.

Why Pick South Carolina Movers?

The reason we focus only on South Carolina moving companies (and likewise only South Carolina self service movers and auto transport companies) is that these are known in the moving industry for honesty, accuracy and diligence. These are the three most important factors that will affect the result of your relocation.

We know this, and that's why we have focused only on the services offered by South Carolina shipping companies. We suggest you do the same.

What does this mean for you?

Safety, security, sturdy and well-built moving supplies, cheap prices and diligent moving services. If you are international moving that you are looking for, then you can always opt for an overseas shipping company.

But still. I suggest you pick movers from South Carolina, and I am not saying this just because this site is about South Carolina Movers.

Hot Tips for Moving to South Carolina:

     1) Take advantage of Southern hospitality. Let the customer service of the South Carolina movers guide you every step of the way. They will keep you informed of the whereabouts of your crate, and if problems arise; they will handle it with the utmost speed and required urgency.

     2) Unless your destination is a major city, bear in mind that the opening hours of the South Carolina mover's local branch might not be like that you are accustomed to. But relax, your baggage will reach its destination safely and as soon as possible.

     3) If you are relocating to one of the major cities in South Carolina such as Columbia, Charleston or Greenville, check if your baggage is arriving during peak hours. This might cause you unnecessary hassle. Instead, opt for a mid-afternoon delivery.

How to Relocate:

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What We Look For in Moving Companies

When you type in and select the details of your moving agenda, you will get results based on a list of South Carolina moving companies that we have compiled. This list was compiled through the efforts of many of our piers and contacts.

Each shipping company was reviewed by a large number of people and then we picked the top ten from that list. The South Carolina movers that contact you are those that are at the top of our list.

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